Escape from Tarkov Game Gave Me A Different Life Enlightenment

4 min readJan 18, 2021
Escape from Tarkov Life

How can modern people not yearn for the life of the Escape from Tarkov game? In real life, the trivial and trivial things, all the things that distract you, advertising and consumption surround our body like a ghost and penetrate into each of us The software and system used to disturb our quiet thoughts, forgetting how long we have not pursued quiet and pure hearts. When immersed in the game world of Escape from Tarkov with friends, it seems that the world is reconnected with the breeze, trees, flowers, and grass, making the originally difficult and lonely game process joyful and exciting. The hardcore setting of Escape from Tarkov is like a pure land that has not been trampled by consumerism. Everything here is random and can be lost. The time and weather here are like a real mixture. In this game, there are days, dusk, and night, with a pure interface and many chaotic environments, as if the game is dominating you, not the other way around.

In Escape from Tarkov, what is cherished is not your arrival, nor the bloody battles and achievements in the fight, but the successful retreat in the journey of a worthwhile trip. No matter if you smashed a bloody road and returned home full of loads, or evacuated in a hurry because of the satisfaction of picking up “garbage” in the running knife, everyone’s existence is equal. From a certain opposite perspective, the more equipped the better, the greater the risk. Instead, it is the easiest to enter empty-handed.

This is exactly the opposite of the real world. People who master the means of capital production call for trouble in society and use the proceeds of exploitation to do whatever they want, even the legal framework can be ignored. In ordinary life, the working-class people at the bottom have been exhausted for half their lives, and they cannot reach the place they yearn for, let alone escape. Some people often use unfair distribution as an excuse, but who knows that the proletariat does not even have the opportunity to share the cake at the same table as the capitalist. Their lives can collapse with the building, and move towards the end of life as the evacuation time expires. The evacuation point seemed to be in front of you, but when approaching, it was an abyss full of blades, like a minefield, blocked between classes. We yearn for Tarkov not only because of the material supplies it brings but also because of the absolute fair setting and eternal evacuation point for everyone.

A life of despair knocks people down and ends the suffering by suicide. But anyone who has ever thought about who is the problem, let the existence of existence, let what happens can only stand by. No one cares about whose pain, the most precious friendship and affection of human nature are watered down. The front they reach is not everyone’s freedom The pure land of joy, instead, has reached the long night and carnival of extreme selfishness. The relationship between people has only become mutual use and intrigue. I once asked myself why the good and precious qualities are disappearing, and everyone is living in the disappearance of themselves. In the burnt-out destruction, anxiety, and fear of the future areas if the world is collapsing tomorrow. The sky is full of dark clouds. People should abandon the distorted values of chasing fame and wealth like beasts, extreme self-interest and prejudice, arrogance, and human values. And lifestyle. The ignorance and ignorance passed down from generation to generation must be severely punished if caught in the feudal mire! People who fall into self-deconstruction and are controlled by everything and cannot release their minds will eventually be liberated.

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The food in Tarkov is also very precious. Just like the situation in real life, it is always reminded of the most basic condition of our existence. The same detailed movements are very real, and it is said that it has a good healing effect on mental illnesses such as anorexia. The long-distance evacuation point and settlement mechanism make those who want to retreat can only bite the bullet and move forward, guiding the direction like a lamp. The same random insurance mechanism makes players develop the habit of preparing for everything and preparing for the worst. Like a tide of player heroes rushing to the battlefield where life and death are uncertain, which symbolizes confidence and courage. The fighting spirit that also exists in real life is what people in modern society lack most. They dare not stand up and fight tit-for-tat in the face of injustice and ugliness in life. They are hesitant when facing choices and the future. They are always meaningless. In the struggle for fame and gain, We should be like the characters in Tarkov, follow free will, and move forward into our ideal place.