Escape from Tarkov: Latest Melee Tips and Tricks Guide

In Escape from Tarkov, Melee weapons may be really important if you are attempting to keep away from drawing focus to your self when your existing weapon isn’t an awesome option for close-quarters combat, or when you have run out of ammo. Melee ambushes are an attempted and correct approach to taking down enemies. Additionally, there are a couple of extremely good side benefits for going hand-to-hand with enemies — melee takedowns are fatal and also you can collect the enemy’s Dog Tags as just a little trophy in the encounter. This guide is the melee tips and tricks guide in Escape from Tarkov. If you want to improve your melee ability, then this content can assist you with melee strength in Escape from Tarkov.

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Melee Tips and Tricks

Ever hear that dreadful click from an empty mag while close enough to hug your foe? The optimal melee attack is, as you might count on, from behind. Attacking in a suitable moment will trigger a takedown animation and one-hit kill. If you are approaching your target from the side, do your best to angle behind them to trigger the identical takedown. A frontal strategy will be the most hazardous and certainly not recommended — unless you definitely appreciate dodging bullets from point-blank range.

Your melee weapon choice spans from small knives each of the ways up to sizable shovels and clubs. Naturally, smaller weapons will do significantly less harm. In case you have an extra aggressive playstyle, blunt weapons could possibly be a superb fit for you personally. And these weapons can also assist you to take out lighter Fortifications like barbed wire. Luring them into a confined space and waiting until they pass your hiding spot will place you in an ideal position to add to your Dog Tag collection. Choose to try one thing a bit more dramatic? Use a smoke grenade on a group of enemies and go in swinging.

Escape from Tarkov Melee Takedowns & More

First of all, how many melee weapons are in Escape from Tarkov? You can click ESCAPE FROM TARKOV MELEE WEAPONS GUIDE to view all the melee weapons in Escape from Tarkov. Below are the 5 most commonly used (I think) tips and tricks of melee weapons.

1. Red Rebel Ice Pick

The Red Rebel Ice Pick is probably the best melee weapon in Escape From Tarkov at the moment. As of update, it is the only piece of equipment that doubles as a weapon and a tool for extraction. This along with a paracord gives you a new extraction point on the maps Reserves and Woods. Trade unlocked through Jaeger LL3 requiring ten packs of dry fuel, twelve 5L propane tanks, and five metal cans of fuel conditioners. This item can also be found in “Weapon Box (5x5)” and occasionally on the Woods Boss Shturman’s scabbard.

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Red Rebel Ice Pick

Red Rebel Ice Pick details:

2. M-2 Tactical Sword

It has the highest damage and furthest reach compared to its counterparts, a very prized piece of work that will give you the best advantage in a melee fight. Trade unlocked through Skier’s quest “Flint” and it requires a Checkpoint Key, a Prokill Medallion, and Military COFDM Wireless Signal Transmitter.

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M-2 Tactical Sword

M-2 Tactical Sword details:

3. Antique Axe

The chosen weapon for an ancient clan called WYCC, the clan of hatchlings has been the source of frustration and anger among the residents of Tarkov. It is the ideal melee weapon for new players and veterans alike due to its high damage and ease of accessibility. If you already have the melee weapon you desire, it is still a good idea to pick up because it can be sold on the flea market for a pretty ruble. This weapon is not sold by any trader, however, it does spawn commonly on both a Scav or Raider. It also has a chance of spawning in a green “Weapon Box (5x5)” scattered across Tarkov.

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Antique Axe

Antique Axe details:

4. MPL-50 Entrenching Tool

Sometimes the damage isn’t everything, having reach and a well-placed shot might be the slight advantage you need to win an engagement. The MLP-50 Entrenching Tool comes in at four for accessibility early on in a player’s progression and having a higher reach than most of its counterparts. The trade unlocked through Prapor LL2 requiring two Pompon hats.

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MPL-50 Entrenching Tool

MPL-50 Entrenching Tool details:

5. Camper Axe

The Camper Axe is a great weapon for any foe that does not respect your personal space. It has a good reach and provides a decent amount of damage for both stabs and slashes. The trade is unlocked through Jaeger Level III requiring two bottles of Hydrogen Peroxide, five rolls of toilet paper, five tubes of toothpaste.

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Camper Axe

Camper Axe details:

When you use melee weapons, Timing is by far the most important thing when it comes to melee. Manipulation works along with timing perfectly. Here are some things to keep in mind when in a 1 on 1 battle with someone:

Close combat is mainly used in the early stage, especially in the opening period. Even if the opponent has a good gun in the same room, the use of melee weapons can take advantage of the narrow space and still be able to kill the enemy. And compared to guns, melee weapons will have some advantages. If conditions permit, it is best to overtake from behind to fight slowly, because at this time the target will not run around, but if you go forward, you will have a chance to avoid damage. Latent sneak attack. Don’t make a sound when you hear footsteps. The enemy is approaching quietly, and you can make a critical strike as soon as it appears in the direction of the enemy.

All in all, melee combat is also very important in Escape from Tarkov. If you like close combat, you can first choose a close combat weapon that suits you. Through your continuous practice in the Escape from Tarkov game, you will surely be successful. If you don’t have melee weapons, you can obtain melee weapons through missions or games, or you can use Escape from Tarkov Roubles to buy melee weapons in Flea Market. Finally, I hope that the above Escape from Tarkov Melee Tips and Tricks can help players.

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