Escape from Tarkov: The latest detailed guide for getting started

If you like super-realistic gun battles and tactical teamwork games, then in 2021, Escape from Tarkov is your best choice. Tarkov is one of the most valuable games for hardcore shooting, but it may be a little difficult if you want to master this game. After all, this game is not very friendly to new players. Don’t worry. This article is the latest and most comprehensive guide to getting started with Escape from Tarkov. Through this guide, you can quickly and efficiently support the game Escape from Tarkov. Not much to say. Please see the following.


Like most players who shoot regularly, “Escape from Tarkov” is very unfriendly to novices. There is no tutorial in the game. The tutorial is currently in closed beta, which means that when you run a raid with low-level equipment for the first time, the invasion is like a baptism.


Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore predator shooting game with RPG elements. The online game has two real factions-BEAR and USEC. You will choose from them when you first start the game in the war-torn city of Tarkov, with AI and human-controlled players on various maps To communicate. As the name suggests, you must avoid Tarkov, but in reality, this means you must survive an attack step into a map of the city.

When you make a raid, whether as a selected faction in PMC or a Scav raider, you can guide your inner trash panda and wander as much as possible on the loot; if you escape, you can choose to store the trophy or sell it for huge profits. As a PMC failure, you will have to pay for your recovery and replacement of equipment.


Before the raid starts, get a specific location map-you can find it at the Therapist merchant. In this way, you can view the extraction points on the map before the game starts. In addition, you can get some information about each exit point at any time during the game. If you have already participated in a raid, please press and hold the “O” button-you will see a list of all available extraction points in the raid and the time remaining before the raid ends (as shown in the picture above). At each extraction point, you will see a blank field or question mark. An empty field means that you don’t need to do anything else to use this extraction point-just find it. In turn, the question mark indicates that certain conditions are required to escape from a given point. You may need to buy specific items on the map or have a certain amount of cash.

Each map in Tarkov has different extraction points. As mentioned above, the available extraction points will depend on the generated location and whether it is played in PMC or Scav format.

The extraction points are not marked, but you should be able to understand their meaning based on the name “UN Roadblock”, for example, it will be a prohibited area on the road. Websites such as game maps have images that mark all the extraction points, but it will help you learn how the core mechanism works better than continuing to discover the extraction points of each map.

The maps in Tarkov’s “Escape” are all very unique, and it takes a while to understand everyone. For starters, using cheap add-ons, some maps are more friendly than others. Some maps allow you to easily transition to Tarkov’s realistic gameplay, while others are difficult for novices. If you are only entering Escape from Tarkov, then these are very important.

Escape from Tarkov has many maps, and since the game is still in development, more maps will still be received. When choosing a map, please note the following:

1. Some maps are more suitable for beginners-easy to get lost. Some maps are more suitable for beginners.

2. You didn’t get a mini map-if you don’t know where to go, you need to use the physical map because the game won’t help. If possible, please place these maps on another screen or device during playback for reference without distracting you.

3. You can test things if you need to get used to the map. Running around in a single-player game with some offline robots will help to discover something.

The factory is one of the smaller escape places on the map of Tarkov. It is primarily an internal map, so remote players won’t have much content to cooperate with. There are only three extraction points. One is offline extraction, which requires a Factory key, a tunnel extraction, and a key and main extraction.

The map itself is arranged like a corner. Inside the building, there is enough space for close combat. The map is fast-paced and challenging, especially for novices. Maintain a solid mid-range battle. This is the kind of map that headsets come in handy. Keep quiet and pay attention to your surroundings.

Since the map is small, you need to be very careful when shooting. Please don’t shoot unless you need it. Every shot will put you in danger. This is one of the escape games on the Tarkov map. In this case, it is easy to fall into the situation of spraying and praying. Try to resist and stay calm and control your reaction.

The customs is one of the larger fugitives on the map of Tarkov, and it has packed people’s hearts. You will find a warehouse, a river, and a bridge over the river in this space, surrounded by two- and three-story buildings, warehouses, gas stations, construction sites, and even military checkpoints. A lot has happened, and this is why the game lasted 50 minutes.

The map provides a good space for new players to adapt to the various types of gameplay supplied in Tarkov’s Escape. However, due to the considerable size, you will need to use a map. Focus on a specific area and lock it before moving too much. This place has enough space for long-range and internal gun battles. When you enter a building or shelter, please keep this in mind. If you judge the area incorrectly, you will lose the loot.

There are nine extraction points on the map, so you don’t have to walk a long way because the map is more significant. None of them require keys.

Compared with customs, Woods is a precise map. The game takes 45 minutes because it is larger than the simple design implies. It is mainly a forest area. The surrounding trees are suitable for the theme. However, there are also some open spaces, hills, logging yards, and some hidden bunkers.

Also, be very careful in open spaces. These will allow you to take them out easily. There are six extraction points on this map. However, some of them are not open to everyone. To use ZB-016, you need green smoke, South V-Ex requires 3000 rubble, and ZB-014 requires a key. If you need to hurry, please keep this in mind.

The Shoreline line is one of the most extensive escape routes on the Tarkov map. The map is located by the sea, and the game running time on this map is up to 55 minutes, making it an absolute promise. Remember, the clock has a little time left, so don’t be afraid to use the extraction point.

The map has a unique shape, but it is well filled. It includes the entire town, a small underwater village, a gas station, and a pier. Next to it are guarded medicine boxes, radio stations, and significant attractions, a health resort. This resort has three floors, so it can be a complete map in itself, and it can also have a basement and all the other amenities you want from the resort, such as swimming pools, gyms, tennis courts, and theaters.

This is one of the giant escape games on the Tarkov map, so it has six extraction points. Considering the size of the map, this is not much, so please remember your best route to a certain point throughout the game.

Interchange is one of the larger maps that focuses on the civil war. It is mainly composed of large shopping malls. There is a three-story complex with various shops and functions. There are underground parking lots, roads around the complex, and even karting tracks for those who don’t want to wander around the department store.

Interchange is very suitable for most types of wars. But for novices, it can be disorienting. After a while, you will be better prepared on this map. However, at first, you may move slowly and cautiously.

The laboratory is one of the more miniature escape games on the Takov map, but it is an exciting game. This is a vast underground complex located directly below Tarkov. This research center is a black action website dedicated to researching such rough things. Thankfully, it has mainly been cleaned up to make room for the game.

The area will help mid-range combat. This may be great for players who want to stay calm in close combat. You don’t have to worry too much about long-distance transactions, but there are still many places where you can use this strategy.
This area has seven extraction points, so it is very generous to play compared to other sites. For starters, this is an excellent opportunity to escape from the Tarkov map because of its more forgiving nature.

Reserve is another medium-sized map. This is mainly outdoors, with a lot of open space. If you are good at mid-range or long-range combat, then this is a good starting point.

This map is all on the cover. Stay undercover and watch for enemies or players to leave the corpse. Escape from Tarkov is a realistic game, single-handedly is essential. If the enemy finds you, they will quickly drive you out. Similarly, shooting can give the exposed player enough time to rush back to cover. These escape games (Escape) opened from the Tarkov map take full advantage of this.

The map has nine different extraction points, some of which have requirements. The point in the sewer manhole requires that you are not equipped with a backpack. You need an umbrella rope, unarmored vest, and red rebel ice bag for cliff descent extraction. To use the bunker-style airtight door extraction device, you need to activate the joystick in the shed to the southwest of the helicopter. After pressing the switch, you have 4 minutes to get there. The armored train may be the most complicated tipping point. When it arrives, it beeps twice, stays open for 7 minutes, then beeps once in a minute, and beeps twice when leaving. Of course, for the extraction, you need the right timing.


To start in offline mode, go to the main menu, click PMC (your prominent role), and click “Next.”

Then, select “Custom” (or any map you want) from the map and click “Next.” Make sure “Enable offline mode for this raid” is checked. This will allow you to use specific AIs to play games offline.

You can also check “random weather conditions” and “random times.” Next, if you want to play against the robot we recommend, please make sure to check “Enable PvE” in the options, and then select the difficulty from “Easy,” “Medium,” “Difficult,” “Impossible,” or “Random.” You can also enable “boss” and “scav war.” You can change the amount of AI around the map.

The labeled and cursed option is another checkbox, which means that the other AI will also start following you once you interact with a specific AI. This mode is not recommended because it is almost impossible.

You will load the game with the equipment you own, and you will not lose any items or anything, even if you die. In this mode, you won’t get any gains or losses. It’s just for learning maps and derivatives and just for practice.

What are the tips and tricks of Escape from Tarkov?

Tips and tricks for Escape fromTarkov to improve your Escape from Tarkov games in 2021! These skills are suitable for players of any skill level, and beginners and intermediate players will benefit more from them, and experienced players can also expect new information. The video is the latest patch 12.10 and all erased versions shortly.

What are the inventory tips in Escape from Tarkov?

Players can rotate inventory items by clicking on the gear they would like to adjust and click the R key. Doing this will allow you to turn in all of your inventory items in any way you want. Was that new assault rifle that you just got not allowing you to have as many medical supplies as you would like to have? Rearranging how all of your equipment fits in your collection will give you the best chance of having everything you will need before you head out for battle in Escape from Tarkov.

How to increase the scale of Tarkov’s hiding and escape?

If you play tarkov for a period of time, it will undoubtedly cause some problems in your hiding place. Some of you may not even be able to make room in Stash at all. Between all the keys, medical items, ammunition, and other equipment stored between assaults, it is difficult to reserve enough space to provide usable inventory without having to purchase new equipment between each attack. I am here to help you understand how to increase the size of the hiding area in “Escape from Tarkov”.

Hideout upgrade
Although it is expensive, you need to upgrade the storage in the “hide”, which is one of the most effective ways to increase storage space. However, each step does require a lot of investment, and it is best to proceed in stages.

Upgrade Stash from 10×26 to 10×36 for the first time
⦁3,500,000 rubles
Hand 1 hand drill
⦁7 packs of screws
WD 4WD-40 100 ml.

When the size of the “hide” is increased to 10×46, level 2 heating and ventilation holes are required in the hiding place. And the suppliers Prapor and Ragman are at level 3, and
⦁8.5 million rubles
⦁ 2 electric drills
⦁8 packs of screws
The upgrade time will take 48 hours. (10×46 is the default size of the “ready to escape” version of EFT)

Finally, it takes one to change from 10×46 to 10×66
⦁ Level 3 generator, workbench, heating, and information center
⦁Level 4 peacekeepers and Ragman.
In addition to these prerequisites, the price of the level 4 storage box is only 150,000 euros and it takes 96 hours to complete. (This is the default “hidden” size of “Dark Edge”)

Again, these are very expensive and can be easily cut into multiple steps. But don’t worry. There are more instant options.


The difference between PMC and Scavs in Tarkov’s Escape is pronounced. Of course, the shooting and running around are the same, but other than that, the situation is very, very different. The primary point is that PMC is the primary role you want to play in EXP, but you will encounter a lot of trouble if you are killed. On the other hand, they do have some advantages over Scavs. Generally speaking, playing as Scav is a high-reward/low-risk run, but it does have a cooldown after deploying them. Let’s learn more.

First, Scavs. If you play the game as Scav, you will get a random load before you start. Therefore, no equipment on your PMC poses any danger. Yes, you usually enter a raid that has already begun, but you have the advantage of having AI Scavs that will leave you alone. That is until you attack one of them; then, all nearby Scavs will help you. However, if you kill the Scav player who shot you first, you will get nothing. AI Scavs will fight other players trying to harm you by your side.

Now, when it comes to the raid as Scav, this is not a minor deal. When you extract them as one of them, you will keep all the content that was looted, as well as the random equipment you got at the beginning. Therefore, it is conceivable that you can end the Scav game without robbing anything and remain pure. However, if you are killed, you will lose everything because there is no safe container for Scavs (more on that later). You will not get any experience points.

Other shortcomings of Scav include the inability to complete most tasks (except for some collected items), and compared to PMC, the skill is considered garbage. Finally, after completing a run, Scav will cool down. You can reduce the cooling time by increasing the intelligence level of the hidden area.

Now it is PMC. This is your protagonist. When playing as PMC, you will collect loot and get EXP. You can choose all the equipment and skills, so you can customize everything to your liking. However, even though you can be said to be stronger than Scav, you are still the target of everyone on the map (whether AI or other players). No one will come to rescue you. Similarly, if you die, not only will you lose everything that is not in the safe container, but you will also be injured. Then, you must heal yourself in the lobby or wait for a while.

Now, this does not mean that PMCs are all destined to get into trouble. First, they can put a safe container in your pouch. No matter what is in your body, even if you are killed, it will stay on your person. Of course, the space inside the container is minimal, so please choose carefully. In addition, you can freely customize the loading content, and the skills you have as a PMC are better than using Scavs. In addition, the exit point changes less, so the easier it is, the easier it is to escape. Yes, it is. This is a bit of a balance between risk and reward.

All in all, PMC is your main character and an “expected” way to experience “escaping from Tarkov.” On the other hand, Scav is a low-risk method to collect gears for your PMC to make it more efficient and profitable.


Hit rate
Before falling into individual traumas, let us delve into the methods of death. You need to know seven body parts to become an Escape Tarkov Rehabilitation Specialist. Everyone has their own “health bar.”

But EFT is more complicated than this. The rest of the team will destroy the blackened body parts (complete destruction, that is, zero health remaining) (unless you use a surgical kit, but I will introduce it later). When a blackened body part is damaged, no more health can be deducted, so the damage will be distributed to the rest of the body. The blackened arm has a multiplier of 0.7. This means that if a power outage arm receives 100 damage, 70 damage will be evenly distributed to the rest of the body. The legs have 1x damage allocation, while your stomach has 1.5x damage.

Full recovery
With this in mind, let’s start with the most common wound: reducing the hit rate. Whenever you suffer damage (regardless of the body part), you can fully recover your HP. That is if the body part is not entirely blacked out. You can use one of the following to restore HP. Escape from Tarkov (Tarkov) treatment items have a specific use time, HP recovery, and possibly other additional effects.

But under normal circumstances, this is not only a physical injury, but in addition to the actual damage, it will begin to bleed. If left untreated, you will eventually bleed. This is simulated by losing health in damaged body parts. Before the wound is treated, it will cause 3.33 damage to your limbs every 5 seconds. In addition to bandages, all medical supplies that restore HP can heal wounds and bleed (AI2, that is, cheese). But please note that when the damage is bandaged, if you jump/sprint, the injury will still tear open again and begin to bleed. The “fresh wound” debuff disappeared after 4 minutes.

Fracture and pain management
In addition to meat injuries and general injuries, bullets can also bring you all kinds of annoying things that cannot be treated with simple bandages. For example, when your limbs are hit, you are likely to fracture. This will not only affect your pain state, but it will also bring you additional debating effects. Mainly, when one of your arms is cracked, your target starts to tremble, and your weapon starts to sway. It takes longer to aim at the scope, and you will quickly lose stamina when seeking.

When you break a leg, you will no longer be able to sprint. When you lose the ability to move, you will lose the ability to cover up quickly, resulting in more losses in the firefight. If you ignore the fracture, the accompanying pain will make you grumble and impair your vision. To repair a fracture, you can use one of the following items (or the Grizzly first aid kit used previously).

Of course, fractures are not the only thing that makes you cry in pain. Whenever you are hit, you will almost always be affected by the state of despair. The effects of pain not only cause grunts and groans, which can cause you to lose your position but also interfere with your vision. In “Escape from Tarkov,” healing is almost the essential part of the attack. Walking around without being wholly cured is almost always a bad idea. Therefore, painkillers should always be part of the standard package.

Keep hydrated
You need to make sure to keep your stomach full as much as possible. EFT currently has two separate statistics to indicate hunger and thirst. If you are dehydrated, you will eventually start to lose your health. 3.5 HP per second limb. This adds up very quickly, and the same damage multiplier applies here. Therefore, if your arms become dark, the dehydration damage will spread to other parts of the body and eventually kill you faster. We should also mention that dehydration does not take long, so please bring some drinks for a long raid.

When talking about hydration, you should know that causing too much damage to the stomach is a one-way ticket to a dehydrated city. If your stomach turns dark, you must drink something every one or two minutes. It is best to go to the nearest exit or put a surgical kit on it. The two surgical kits in the game can “repair” the blacked-out body parts (except the head and chest), but they can only restore them to 1 HP. The resurrected body parts will reduce their maximum health in the remaining raids.

Keep the stomach full, but the backpack is empty
In addition, fatigue can be caused when energy is insufficient. This means that you really get tired very quickly, lose stamina very quickly, and eventually start to lose HP. Eating will reduce this adverse effect, so please bring some snacks! Compared to hydration, energy is unlikely to drop to dangerous levels, so always give priority to hydration.

To complete this part, update 12.4 introduces a new overweight system. What is your health question? Well, if you are overweight, your stamina will replenish at a reduced rate (or not at all), and eventually, your player will start to consume energy. As we described before, once you lose power, you start to lose health at an incurable rate. Therefore, in addition to all health conditions, you should also pay special attention to your weight.

Prioritize treatment when repairing multiple damages
Therefore, now that you have a solid theoretical understanding of Escape from the basics of Tarkov rehabilitation, it is time to learn priorities. In short, it is rare to receive a debuff or status effect at the same time. Usually, when you try to find out which hotkey has a bandage, there will be multiple holes in your body gushing blood.

When playing electronic transfers, it is sometimes unclear what is happening with your character. In the last category, we will quickly explore some of the more advanced state effects and resolve them. For example, being hit by the head and surviving (possible thanks to the helmet) will bruise you for 60 seconds. Certain combat stimuli (we will ignore stimuli for now) can shorten your sight by up to 30 seconds. These adverse effects cannot be resolved by themselves. Stunned, flickering, and/or disorientation will also disappear naturally. Therefore, sometimes the best strategy in certain situations is to simply wait for a while until you can

Over time, you will learn how long you can bandage the wound. For example, if you are still in a firefight, applying a field dressing to the damage may not be a wise choice. However, pre-popping painkillers before the battle begins may prevail. Because even if the enemy smashes your leg, you can stand high up like a kite and still be able to sprint. Experiment with all these medical items and determine if healing 2 HP on the arm is the best way to act in battle. This is rarely the case.

How to Making Money in Escape from Tarkov?

In Escape from Tarkov, there are four currencies: EFT ruble, euro, dollar, and bitcoin. Each currency has its own function, and the euro and the dollar can be exchanged for the ruble. If you want to get items, weapons, clothes in this game, you’d better equip yourself with enough currency. Here are some useful tips for making money in Tarkov. Please check.

Gamma container
You can buy Gamma containers or similar items and stack expensive items in them. This means that you must understand the market because once you do, you will eventually be able to profit from it. You can try to knock out their equipment and continue to use it in the remaining routes to earn more money and sell it when you are done. If you don’t have this container, you can invest in things like backpacks or SMGs, which can get you some headshot points.

The life of a mouse
In Tarkov’s words, a mouse is a kind of player crawling in a raid. They avoided the firefight, picked up everything that was visible, and put on a Tetris-style backpack to make as much money as possible. It may not be full of exciting shootouts, but the mouse lifestyle may result in a mountain of rubles. These are the players who set the movement speed to the lowest option and crawl in the raid. The player who heard the shooting in the building next door lay prone, returned to the site, and took some safety measures. Does this sound like you? do not worry. When you persevere in shadow practice and lose most of the one-on-one shootouts, it can be frustrating to drop a beautiful set of armor in a raid. However, when you are trying to make money, you can also use these shadows to your advantage. Submachine guns are rarely robbed by people with advanced equipment in many places. When the Killa killer is searching for the boss and fighting with other players, the door is open and you can slide into the side room and gather some high-value garbage.

Play as SCAV
SCAV is ideal for making money. When playing the game as a SCAV from the beginning, even if you die, you will get random equipment to lose everything. In turn, every victory brings pure profit-after, during the raid, you did not use a medical kit or ammunition. Playing games as a SCAV has many advantages-the only limitation is the 20-minute cooldown time after each raid.

Buy Escape from Takrov Money
Money makes the world work, even for private military contractors in Escape from Tarkov. Therefore, if you need the fun of escaping from Tarkov Roubles, you can buy cheap Escape from Tarkov Roubles on! We provide you with the lowest price, safe and fast delivery.

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