Escape from Tarkov: The latest tips and stricks for indoor combat, 2021

8 min readJan 22, 2021

Valuable things in the Escape from Tarkov game are often hidden in buildings. After entering the building, the combat distance between players will be greatly reduced. What matters do players need to pay attention to in indoor battles? This article will detail Tips and strick for indoor combat in Escape from Tarkov. Hope this article can bring some help to the players in Tarkov.

Escape from Tarkov 2021 the Latest Tips and Stricks

I believe that many players have mastered the ability to accumulate Tarkov Roubles initially, but many players still have this problem: they already have good armor and weapons, but they will still die in the game.

In this article, I will talk about how to Escape from Tarkov and conduct CQB operations indoors!

Before we start, let’s introduce, the so-called CQB basically includes a variety of close combat skills, firearms equipment, equipment wearing, personnel formation, combat position, firepower configuration, walking position, formation, communications, and other advanced electronic equipment. Applications, etc.

Putting aside some mechanisms that Escape from Tarkov doesn’t have yet, in summary: intelligence, equipment, personnel, location, position, firepower allocation, and formation.


When conducting battles, intelligence is very important. Whether it is passive defense or active offense, the first thing you must master before fighting is the enemy’s intelligence!

Many times, the player thinks that the enemy is dead, and hurried up to pick up the bag, sometimes misjudged the enemy’s equipment, and turned out to be unable to penetrate the weapon.

Let me give you an example: Two fully equipped USECs were searching for filing cabinets in the second building of the dormitory. Suddenly, a USEC heard three footsteps because he was wearing headphones, and he immediately notified his partner. “Three enemies, I am in 114. They went up the iron stairs.” Another teammate b stopped immediately and waited for teammate a to walk quietly to the stairs. At this time, the three bears did not wear headphones and did not know that there were people in the building. When the three people walked to the center of the corridor, the UESC team 1! 2! 3! At the same time, the front and back pinching of the probe annihilated the BEAR.

The above example happens every day in various buildings in Tarkov.

Think about it, if UESC does not have headphones, BEAR has headphones, and you hear the UESC running in the building before entering the building?

What if both parties know the other’s existence?

Therefore, the collection of intelligence before the battle is very important, so the general qualified multiplayer team has its own sentry, but if it is a lone wolf or a two-person team, what should be done…

Let me share with you from experience how to judge the enemy’s intelligence from various actions of the enemy without seeing the enemy.

Let’s take the example of the No.1 dormitory building of the customs. The plot is that you just finished touching the room and are about to leave. At this time, you heard the footsteps…

1. Happiness, sparks, and lightning all the way up to the third floor from the side or middle stairs.
Intelligence: Pack light, don’t care about your own equipment, most likely it is a running knife or a pistol.

2. Da Da Da Da, a person walked up to the third floor normally, and even closed the door when entering the house.
Intelligence: Lone wolf may carry high threat weapons.

3. The chaotic footsteps of a bunch of people are getting closer and searching for things one by one.
Intelligence: The team has 5 people by default and can run as long as it can.

4. Only a slight door opening was heard, but there was no other movement.
Intelligence: The enemy is armed, it is very likely that you already know your existence, others are unknown.

To sum up, by judging the enemy’s actions, you can roughly guess the enemy’s intelligence, and then make the next action based on the enemy’s intelligence.

While understanding the enemy, you must also understand your own equipment, how many grenades you have, how bullets can be hit, and what kind of enemy your armor can resist. This is also the knowledge of my own intelligence.

Let’s talk about firearms: Since it’s a CQB, you must make plans before entering the picture. When Shoreline is going to kill AI, don’t take P90 and don’t take ADAR when entering the building. Of course, there is no absolute place to use a gun.

The laser can improve the accuracy of the waist shot, but it will expose the position, so you can handle it by yourself.

High-power mirrors decide whether to install side mirrors according to the situation in the building.

The grenade can forcibly break the point and force the enemy to move.

The flash is the same as a grenade, but it is easy to affect yourself.

Use smoke bombs to escape.

In combat, most of the time they rely on their own experience, skills, and confidence. But some small combat skills are also essential. Mastering the correct combat skills can greatly improve your survival rate.

Gun and Offensive Skills

In the first picture, I opened the door on the left when I shot the gun. If I didn’t kill the enemy with the gun, I still have a chance to go back and rebound.

Prone Position
Picture 1: I aimed at the far side door, but if there is a person on the middle staircase, I need to pull a long gun line to aim, and the person entering is more threatening than the far away.

Figure 2 raises the muzzle, no matter which stairs people can take aim at the first time.

If the enemy already knows about your existence, it will inevitably be emptied one by one. It is better to stay at the corner of the door instead of standing straight at the door. It is safer for you if the enemy cannot see the people in the room for the first time. You shoot after the enemy walks or enters the house, and the winning rate is 80%.

Attached is a perspective view of the enemy searching the room.
You can’t see yourself at all for the first time unless your gun is a few meters long and the tubes are exposed.

You can try it when you go upstairs. Staying in the middle of the stairs is a blind spot and it is also easy to escape.

Another case has a shelter

The enemy will relax his vigilance without seeing anyone for the first time, and attack sideways when passing by.

The same is true for a small house, but choose a corner opposite to the enemy, or the enemy can see you before entering the house.

This is basically the case for defending a gun. It is undeniable that this way of holding a gun can greatly improve the survival rate.

Summary: Defending a gun-avoiding its edge and attacking its unpreparedness. This is why the military and police of various countries emphasize checking corners in every training.

It is difficult to attack in a single-person situation. Even the Delta troops and the signal flag must avoid acting alone when fighting indoors. Therefore, it is not recommended to attack buildings when the enemy is prepared and you have no intelligence. Therefore, with the grenade, as opposed to the defense, check all kinds of corners with sideways safety.

Team Offensive Position

Since Escape from Tarkov’s various indoor corridors is quite narrow, you must not stand in a row! Adopt a fixed formation of one left and one right to advance together or, if the advancing teammate dies, the enemy’s position can be determined and directly cooperated with the grenade to kill.

The three people advance as shown in the picture. The two stand together, squat and stand while the other advances, and cooperate with teammates to kill after discovering the enemy. 4 people, 5 people, and so on, can increase the number of people to promote.

Don’t show up a few people and walk left and right together without discussing it. It’s easy to see the first person looking at the house next to him. Suddenly in front of the corridor, he shoots his head sideways. Because the first person can’t fight back, the teammates behind are blocked again Vision, which caused the group to destroy.

Finally, in the case of an uncertain enemy situation, use more shaking to detect the enemy’s position. Going directly is a dead end. Sometimes you can use various props such as grenades to force the enemy’s position, tactical flashlights to affect the accuracy of the enemy, etc…

In addition, it is best to think of your own retreat route before the battle. If you find that our side is disadvantaged, please consider retreating.