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Use healing potions, save HP potions

While we’re talking about HP potions: don’t drink them yet. When you are injured, use healing potions. These are the ones that restore a certain amount of points over time and are tied to F1 by default. More valuable HP potions instantly restore a portion of your total health. This means that HP potions remain useful at high levels, while apprentice healing potions that return 600 hit points will eventually become trash when you have a total hit point in the thousands.

The UI shouldn’t take up all that space

As with most MMOs, Lost Ark’s interface takes up more screen real estate than it should. When you can lessen personal elements (goodbye worldwide chat), this nevertheless leaves you with what you have to see, blocking additional of your view than it must.

Respecs are free. Spend those skill points

You achieve talent points to distribute amongst your skills every time you level up. If you’re utilized to games that happen to be stingy with respecs, you may be tempted to save them till you choose on a create, but in Lost Ark, you can moveability points around at any time free of charge.

Reskins cost money, however

If you decide you don’t like your face or your name, it’s harder to change than your skills. The Appearance Change Ticket and Character Name Change Ticket are premium items available in the Shop for 800 and 1500 Crown Crystals each. Be sure before giving yourself a clown makeup and meme name.

Your G key will be erased to a thread

The quests you complete on your way to level 50 are nothing special, as is the dialogue with the quest giver. You’ll press G line by line to get through a lot of chatter as characters tell you where to go to kill bandits find a monolith. The combat, the scenery like the castle siege, the later dungeons, and the end game make it worth it, but you’re not alone if you sigh when you listen in on another conversation with a villager.

Pets are more than just cosmetics

Cute as all those bunnies, cats in crowns, and so on, keeping an eye on the cool Lost Ark characters around, they’re more than just adorable chumps. Pets collect loot for you, which is very useful and provides small combat bonuses. Your very first pet is free of charge and can be obtained by finishing the Pet Investigation quest in Prideholm. If you have Crystal Aura active (a store item that gives bonuses for a month and is a premium Lost Ark subscription), pets also allow you to access menus such as storage, repairs, and the market when you are away from the city.

Complete early dungeons on normal instead of hard

While there aren’t many issues during Lost Ark’s opening hours, it’s not worth it to increase the difficulty of the dungeons. While the loot you get is slightly better, the experience rewards aren’t, and you need experience.

You can quickly move around the map

Once you have unlocked the Triports, you will be able to return to each one you have activated for a small fee paid in silver. (If you don’t have an active crystal aura, in which case it’s free.)

Each class has its musical instrument

To fast travel, teleport from dungeons, and impress certain NPCs, you turn on music. Songs are gradually unlocked as the game progresses, but they are often played in your class’s default instrument. If you are getting difficulty picking out between the well-balanced Lost Ark classes, it may well sway you one particular way or the other.



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