Lost Ark: How to get a pet, and what are benefits does it have?

4 min readJan 13, 2022


Although pets are not unique to any MMORPG games, pets are a principal game element for players. Likewise, pets are an integral part of Lost Ark and are great companions for players. In battle, they are your best comrades in arms. Therefore, we will present detailed guides and information about pets in the Lost Ark game in this guide. Most infusions and guides help players dig deeper into the pets in this game.

Lost Ark Pets Complete Guide

Lost Ark offers players 64 different functional and cute pets to choose from, and this number increases every month. Pets can improve your quality of life in-game and stay with you all the time.

How to get pets in Lost Ark?

There are three ways to obtain pets in the Lost Ark:

  1. Early game missions.
  2. In-game events.
  3. Lost Ark Cash Shop.
  4. The Founders Pack also includes an exclusive pet.

All players can earn epic-quality pets free by completing the “[Guide] Understanding Pets” quest. It’s a short tutorial on how pet auto-looting works. Go to the Working Achatemeow NPC located in the center of Prideholme to start the quest. If you miss this quest, there’s also a wizard quest unlocked at level 50, which will give you a walking egg pet when done. This is the only free option, though, so anyone working on picking their favorite puppy or bunny from The Lost Ark will have to spend some money. Otherwise, players may want to try unlocking the game’s 127 mounts to satisfy their craving for unique companions.

Most pets in Lost Ark can be purchased in the game’s store. The game regularly offers new pets through different activities and updated packs. They do cost real money, though — more than just Lost Ark Gold. For example, all recent Founder’s Packs — which beta players can buy to give them unique cosmetics and items — come with limited-edition Founder’s pets.

Immediately after adopting a pet, press “Alt + P” to open the pet menu. You’ll be able to use this menu to summon any pets you have, and if you activate the Crystal Aura, they can automatically loot nearby items and gain additional buffs.

If you don’t like the pet bunny in the initial quest, you can get additional pets by completing limited-time events or buying pets in the cash shop. Pets purchased this way cost the Lost Ark’s premium currency, Royal Crystals. All Lost Ark Founders Packs also contain a pet.

What features do pets have in Lost Ark, and why do you need them?

If you’re wondering why Lost Ark fans are so excited about pets, it’s because they offer players quite a few benefits. They’ll collect items and trophies, provide additional inventory space, and boost character traits and stats as they venture. It depends on what buffs the pet can get, but know that purple pets will provide a better choice than blue pets.

Pets provide a high player quality of life in the game, and stat increases through the Pet feature. They will collect items and trophies, provide additional inventory space, and boost character traits and stats as they venture.

The essential thing pets do is auto-loot. Pets will automatically pick up loot within the character’s range. This is an innate passive skill that all pets have and does not need to be purchased with crystals. You can adjust the auto-loot settings by clicking the green gear icon in the upper right corner. These can filter items by rarity and quality.

Pets registered in the pet list are shared among all characters on a single server.

The auto-looting aspect of pets is a core feature you’ll find on all pets, paid or not. Any loot dropped on the ground will automatically be placed in your inventory while the pet is active. This is the main reason to own it, although pets have additional perks like combat buffs and extra storage. Combat perks and other utility effects demand a Crystal Aura subscription.

Some examples of Lost Ark’s fun pet choices include pumpkin-headed people, walking eggs, squishy cows, and even a pirate parrot. The game is already making some Halloween-based pets for the fall, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they continued the tradition for Christmas or New Year.

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