Lost Ark: The complete guide to level up easily and quickly

The final part of Lost Ark

For Lost Ark, 50 would be the magic number (or level) that gamers must attain to unlock this sweet Endgame material. From there, players can complete daily quests and another Endgame storyline such as Chaos Dungeons, Towers, Guardian Raids, and more.

Chaos Dungeons

The Chaos Dungeon is an endgame PvE mode where players can try to complete it alone or in a team. In this PvE mode, players face various levels of random enemies that they need to eliminate in less than five minutes.


Towers is a PvE mode, part of Endgame’s Lost Ark story that Lost Ark Gold players with skill point potions. These potions are used to level up skills so you can quickly level up your abilities for maximum damage and faster dungeon progress in other PvE modes.

Raids on the Guardians

Guardian Raids is another PvE mode that can only be unlocked after level 50, but there is a slight BUT — Guardian Raids can only be unlocked after completing a few playthroughs of the Chaos Dungeon.

How to level up fast in Lost Ark?

Reaching level 50 in Lost Ark is not difficult if you stay focused on your goal and don’t get carried away by unnecessary game effort.

Skip Prologue

If you are considering discovering additional information about the game’s storyline, you must play the Lost Ark prologue from beginning to finish.

Focus on main story quests

Completing the main story quests advances the Lost Ark storyline further. They also give the most experience with the least effort in the game.

Skip random monsters

Abilities are probably the most remarkable thing about Lost Ark. There is nothing better than destroying your enemies with beautifully animated in-game abilities.

Use your Pets and Portals

In Lost Ark, such as the Marksman class, dash abilities help you quickly overcome obstacles. However, these abilities are cooldown-based, so you won’t be able to spam them for a while after you’ve used them.

Ascension Ticket

Lost Ark will allow players to possess various characters per account. Right after your original character reaches level 50 for the first time (essentially after completing the last main quest — “The Gift of Ilyn”), you will be granted — “ascension.”

Get to level 50

Ironically, most MMORPG gamers think of the game’s main storyline as bonus material and the endgame material because of the holy grail in which the many enjoyable commences. Precisely the same applies to Smilegate’s ultra-popular MMORPG Lost Ark.



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