Lost Ark: The complete guide to level up easily and quickly

6 min readApr 11, 2022


As the saying goes, life begins at 50. That is level 50.

In most games, reaching max character level usually means you’re nearing the end of the game’s main storyline. For MMORPGs like Lost Ark, getting an in-game level means the end of the main game story and the start of the more exciting post-game tale known to many MMORPG fans as Endgame.

While the Lost Ark storyline will keep you entertained for hours, Endgame content is the real meat of Lost Ark, so you need to get to level 50 as quickly as possible.

The final part of Lost Ark

For Lost Ark, 50 would be the magic number (or level) that gamers must attain to unlock this sweet Endgame material. From there, players can complete daily quests and another Endgame storyline such as Chaos Dungeons, Towers, Guardian Raids, and more.

Here is some exciting Endgame content for players level 50 and above.

Chaos Dungeons

The Chaos Dungeon is an endgame PvE mode where players can try to complete it alone or in a team. In this PvE mode, players face various levels of random enemies that they need to eliminate in less than five minutes.

On completion, gamers will be rewarded with a variety of trophies that they can use to upgrade their characters’ stats or upgrade elements.

Multiple times, clearing Chaos Dungeons is a key requirement to unlock other PvE modes such as Guardian Raids.


Towers is a PvE mode, part of Endgame’s Lost Ark story that Lost Ark Gold players with skill point potions. These potions are used to level up skills so you can quickly level up your abilities for maximum damage and faster dungeon progress in other PvE modes.

Raids on the Guardians

Guardian Raids is another PvE mode that can only be unlocked after level 50, but there is a slight BUT — Guardian Raids can only be unlocked after completing a few playthroughs of the Chaos Dungeon.

Party play is highly valued in Guardian raids, as players must interact to find the best way to defeat the boss and receive rewards.

How to level up fast in Lost Ark?

Reaching level 50 in Lost Ark is not difficult if you stay focused on your goal and don’t get carried away by unnecessary game effort.

Here are some tips to help you quickly reach level 50 in Lost Ark.

Skip Prologue

If you are considering discovering additional information about the game’s storyline, you must play the Lost Ark prologue from beginning to finish.

Apart from the story, the Prologue is usually a great introduction to Lost Ark’s core controls, menus, and player alternatives. This is an excellent way for novice MMORPG players to have an edge around the complicated nuances of their game.

If your aim is usually to get to degree 50 as quickly as you can, you’re most likely far better off skipping the Prologue entirely.

The Prologue itself takes between an hour and a half when your game time is limited to just a few hours a day.

While a few juicy storyline details in Lost Ark’s Prologue add context to the start of the main game, they’re not entirely crucial to the game’s story itself.

To reach after the storyline faster, save yourself an hour and a half and go straight to the game’s main story quests.

Focus on main story quests

Completing the main story quests advances the Lost Ark storyline further. They also give the most experience with the least effort in the game.

The orange marker on the Map signifies the principle quests. It is possible to conveniently check the Map by pressing “Tab” on your keyboard.
There are tons of other side quests that you can pick up from various NPCs in Lost Ark. While side quests are admittedly an excellent way to take a quick break from all the action, they are a waste of time for all kinds of rewards and experience.

Remember that the main goal is to get to level 50 as quickly as possible. Side quests can help with experience, but focusing on the main story quests will give you the best time to experience the Lost Ark.

Skip random monsters

Abilities are probably the most remarkable thing about Lost Ark. There is nothing better than destroying your enemies with beautifully animated in-game abilities.

We can’t blame you if you choose to spend minutes or even hours in the game battling random monsters across the Map to see your character dance to their deadly combos, volleys, and spells.

The way these abilities light up enemies (along with that insanely nice synchronized screen shake) makes MMORPG play very enjoyable.

An almost infinite number of monsters appear in the game. Unfortunately, the amount of experience you can get from killing hundreds or even thousands of these monsters will not give you venture close to the amount of experience you can get by completing the main story quests.

Use your Pets and Portals

In Lost Ark, such as the Marksman class, dash abilities help you quickly overcome obstacles. However, these abilities are cooldown-based, so you won’t be able to spam them for a while after you’ve used them.

A faster and more reliable way to quickly move around the Map is to use a pet.

The pet can be used anywhere in Lost Ark, except in some indoor areas. Utilizing a pet allows you to move around the Map much faster than walking.

High Priest Barut — Gives you a free mount just a few minutes after starting the main game storyline. Use the support as typically as possible to minimize travel time and get towards the target factors a lot quicker.

Portals are also a quick way to move around the Map quickly. Don’t forget to activate every Portal you visit while doing the main story quests.

Ascension Ticket

Lost Ark will allow players to possess various characters per account. Right after your original character reaches level 50 for the first time (essentially after completing the last main quest — “The Gift of Ilyn”), you will be granted — “ascension.”

Ascension is essentially a free level 50 ticket that you can use on one of your other classes in Lost Ark. The player is invited to complete a shortened version of the primary game campaign quickly.

The Path of the Seeker is very similar to Lost Ark’s Prologue, where players can skip it all or play through it for unique loot.

Immediately after exalting is used on your second character, the second one will be quickly given to you for free, thanks to the recent Lost Ark update.

Get to level 50

Ironically, most MMORPG gamers think of the game’s main storyline as bonus material and the endgame material because of the holy grail in which the many enjoyable commences. Precisely the same applies to Smilegate’s ultra-popular MMORPG Lost Ark.

While the post-final content might be a realistic goal for most Lost Ark players, the game’s main story isn’t bad. For a bit of freshness, you can ha e fun with the primary campaign and immerse yourself in the story and adventure that Lost Ark brings to the table. After all, your other two characters will still get a free level 50 pass once the main story is completed.

However, since the goal is to reach level 50 as quickly as possible, all five tips mentioned above will help you quickly get the coveted Endgame storyline.