Madden 21: Slide, Taunt and Stiff Arm Detailed Guide

Madden 21 Guide

1. How to slide in Madden 21?

Sliding in Madden 21 might help you achieve yards without the need for the threat of fumbling the ball, which can turn the tides of a close game. Quarterbacks as well as other skill-position players can make use of the slide to their benefit in sticky scenarios. Knowing how to slide in Madden 21 might help you win games against hard opponents.

2. How to taunt in Madden 21

Taunting players in Madden 21 can be an exciting strategy to rub within a win or celebrate a touchdown inside a difficult game. Some players could look at it as poor sportsmanship, but just about every player should know how to taunt just in case.

3. How to Stiff-Arm in Madden 21

Stiff arm defenders to continue running the ball. Stiff arming defending players has been a fundamental mechanic in Madden for many years. Madden 21 continues the tradition of permitting players to fight off defending players for the likelihood to achieve much more yards, but understanding when to stiff-arm is significant.



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