Madden 21: Slide, Taunt and Stiff Arm Detailed Guide

4 min readDec 28, 2020


In Maden 21, Sliding in Madden 21 can help you gain yards devoid of the risk of fumbling the ball, which can turn the tides of a close game. Taunting players is really an entertaining solution to rub inside a win or celebrate a touchdown within a challenging game. And stiff-arming defending players has been a fundamental mechanic. If you want to form your own Ultimate Team, you need to have enough MUT 21 Coins to use. So, how to implement these operations in Madden 21. This guide will introduce Slide, Taunt and Stiff Arm Detailed Guide in Madden 21.

Madden 21 Guide

1. How to slide in Madden 21?

Sliding in Madden 21 might help you achieve yards without the need for the threat of fumbling the ball, which can turn the tides of a close game. Quarterbacks as well as other skill-position players can make use of the slide to their benefit in sticky scenarios. Knowing how to slide in Madden 21 might help you win games against hard opponents.

Sliding as a quarterback in Madden 21 is easy, but there are some items that require to become done 1st. Players should be past the line of scrimmage and will need to be running with the quarterback to initiate a slide. Players can dive by holding the square/X button, but this can make the quarterback dive forward. Diving can assist quarterbacks in some situations, but it also tends to make it much easier to fumble.

As an alternative to holding the dive button, just tap it to make the quarterback slide and finish the play. This tends to make the quarterback quite devoid of the danger of dropping the ball. This can also be accomplished with other talented position players including wide receivers, operating backs, and tight ends by holding both triggers and pressing the Square/X button.

Occasionally ending the play by sliding could be the most effective selection since it can prevent the defense from stripping the ball or let players get in touch with a timeout. Some players frown upon this approach, however, it is a wise tactic each Madden 21 player needs to fully grasp.

2. How to taunt in Madden 21

Taunting players in Madden 21 can be an exciting strategy to rub within a win or celebrate a touchdown inside a difficult game. Some players could look at it as poor sportsmanship, but just about every player should know how to taunt just in case.

Players can taunt in Madden 21 by holding down the left trigger and pressing Square/X on both Xbox and Playstation consoles. Holding the LT/L2 button and Square/X will activate a randomly selected taunt fantastic for displaying off. Sadly for fans, players can not pick distinct taunts and can activate a random animation. The animations contain the player turning about and pointing a finger, high-stepping through running, along with a few other taunts that could drive the other player crazy.

It is actually vital to ensure you will find no defenders around whilst taunting, as receiving tackled during a celebration nearly always leads to a fumble. Players can also press LT/L2 and Square/X to dive into the endzone and additional taunt the other player. Following scoring a touchdown, keep in mind to move for the appropriate stickup, down, left, or suitable to trigger a lot more celebrations. These involve group celebrations, spiking the ball, and player-specific dances.

Combining a taunt, endzone dive, and touchdown celebration is enough to upset virtually any Madden 21 player. Recall that other players cant taunt you, so attempt your ideal to avoid being the player watching the celebration.

3. How to Stiff-Arm in Madden 21

Stiff arm defenders to continue running the ball. Stiff arming defending players has been a fundamental mechanic in Madden for many years. Madden 21 continues the tradition of permitting players to fight off defending players for the likelihood to achieve much more yards, but understanding when to stiff-arm is significant.

Madden 21 players can stiff-arm by pressing the X or a button on PlayStation or Xbox, respectively. This can be activated when a defender is in close variety of your ball carrier, along with the ball carrier will use 1 arm to push them away. The timing of a stiff arm is important to make certain it is efficient and actually pushes the defender away. Stiff arming as well early or also late will make it significantly less successful but commonly leads to the player gaining a few additional yards. Stiff arming as the defending player engages will push them off, as well as the player will stay standing and may continue running.

A different variable that determines how powerful a stiff arm might be will be the stiff arm stat. If a player features a high stiff-arm stat, they will push defenders off less complicated and regularly. Halfbacks usually have higher stiff-arm stats, but some wide receivers and tight ends may also stiff-arm defending players properly.

Learning how to slide, taunt and stiff arm effectively can assist players to turn out to be much better at Madden 21 and simply run via their opponents. At last, I hope this Madden 21 guide will help players.