NHL 21: How to make HUT 21 coins quickly?

10 min readOct 13, 2020


How to make HUT 21 coins

Hello, friends, welcome back. We are talking about everyone’s favorite thing, in the hockey ultimate team, today is the old coin, we will explore our best method to make coins in general, here we Will try to get more. In the following video, we will delve into the market involved here, especially in terms of making HUT coins, but before we start to understand, the first thing you should do is not to start a collection, but to My collection started because I wanted to surprise a lot of people, maybe people were just lazy.

Make to coins in NHL 21

To be honest, this can be annoying sometimes, but it makes sense to go through your collection and see what you are currently or get rewards in your players. I should say collectibles, see how many kids are on the market, now you know 80 There may be many in general because this is 80 overall, I am one, there is only one, nothing else, but this is the point. Exact just has a fabro up a controller on the ground, and there is a fabric in the inbox list. Up controller, puppy 1500 2k 2200 2300 put the bad boy on the market and tried to sell it. The difference between this year and the last pair before 10 years has passed, the team collection has returned to the ultimate ice hockey team, which means Even though you may be thinking about why someone wants to be fat unless they are fans of Nashua predators, you may know that you are satisfied, but they won’t buy it right away because there are team builders setting, you have to buy these lower Overall players, this means that if someone wants to complete this game and you have one left, they are like screws, I will buy the player and they will buy that player, so in this case, fabric lists one Bad boy, let anyone you know try to make the price reasonable 1500 2k 22 2300 try to make the price reasonable, but you will still double your coin relative to your price If you want that golf ball, you might pay d The player is back. When you know that you try to buy a player’s 8900 coins in the 59-minute market, you will be rewarded at half the transaction price, or if you only need the player to buy and go down that path, But I do think it’s essential to traverse the entire collection, just traverse all of them and see that we have completed most of the collection so far, and we have already eliminated the packaging from the books, but just make sure you know everything on the market Thing, if you know that there are very limited supply and demand games there, as we said in the Hockey Ultimate Team, the second thing I’m a super fan, here is a beautiful black blank screen, if you look at it long enough You will have one million coins in your account at the time of year. It’s really great. Just kidding, we’re going to have a hot sale. I like the hot sale for two minutes. If you don’t know the new craze, it’s not even two minutes. , But a two-minute game, you can get about 50 00 0 points per game, see we have 300 games, we have not played, well, we played 11 games, well, we Played a considerable number of games, we played 300k, 11 games, if you are good at games or a decent superstar, you can quickly get 1.2 million, but more importantly, if you look at the rewards and things, about 30,000, then you will get about 30,000 to complete all these levels. It only has about 30 games 30 31 32 games, plus all these players and a pack of players that can be exchanged for gold collectible carpets or icon collectibles, Their price is 40 5 0k, this is a good way for coins to circulate quickly. I think this is also one of the fastest ways to rake within 30 40k because once the game is over, our quick game will get the points you keep there.

So I like popular games very much, let alone popular games. Not only are they included in your rewards, but when you complete these popular games, they consider your return goals from an objective perspective. In the long run, you need to be close. Follow to hone these aggressive goals or the goals to achieve these goals, believe me, four icons, one icon, five icons, five icons are reserved again. Please note that each icon collection you are talking about is 50 60k.

They may even be more than this year, but we said it very early, but I have a feeling that if you get one, they will now eventually reach 30 40 markets. To be honest, I suggest you stick to it, but if you can see these icon collections, they won’t spend a lot of money this year. I have a feeling that we will see if this is true, but I feel that these icon collections can be kept so cheap for those players even for the bronze medal, then the price will indeed rise this year, but um, come back here The meaning of is that if you have completed 100 games, then 100 games are urgently needed, then you can say that you know that you may try different methods after completing 100 games and get all these coins at the same time, get packaging, get icon collection Later, you will be rewarded for this and you will be rewarded for playing NHL 21 Rush, so spend a good time with it and always recommend to people personally, maybe because I like to keep it fresh instead of doing it over and over again The same thing, this is the game I like to participate in team battles.

Competitor’s game, for this reason, because we seem to have played a game that we played in PR or er, it’s really half a problem, I scored five goals in the next two I put down the controller during the period, which is why I like squad battles, especially those things that we can turn it into superstars, but it doesn’t feel like polishing it, just want the name to be on the board, look at this Rookie, we are already talking about it being a bag, no matter how big or small it is, it’s just a 7k game bag or just game stuff and not playing too much, but if you play, then you know I want to say you play After four or five games, you don’t even know that you have played three or four games and you are a superstar. Playing with the All-Stars you have earned 2000 points, the superstars have earned 2000 points, you are already looking at professional players, you are already looking for semi-professional players. Obviously, this will rise, especially as the year progresses, we are looking for a trial time to play less, but you will still see that you can play by entering pro 3 pros 2, I want to say you know We may get 7 8 000 points in this range, but in fact, you will know that this is three or four games in the supermarket. In general, it is five or six. I think playing cards is very important because you can see 7,000 coins. Coins, what you get is the McDavid bag, which is three of the 7500 coin bags. They are still 7 500, and then you also get a Carter heart bag there, which is a solid bag, which is 22k Pack, you can get a bunch of them, I think you will get 380 extra points, what I want to say is still very reliable pack and pro 2 will also be easy to get, so when you enter when the elites really start to sharpen and start to invest In a lot of time, this is one of the tasks, you need to put in some effort to get a considerable amount of gift packages, coins, and personal rewards.

I think this will be the field you will enter, because once you go beyond this point, although you will learn instead of playing a battle game of four, five, six, seven squads, and when you enter one of the two elites, you Will be playing 25 30. But this is just the difference between playing 5 to 10: 25: 30, so you try to balance your timeout time and understand that this is a game of time, like how much time you stay here I must Make as many coins as possible, and efficiency is the truth of fish. This is also what I like about opponents. When you look for opponents, you are eligible for the qualifications of opponents, but once you enter the opponents, you will eventually have An uh, why do I think you have 1 2 3 4 5 7 levels 70 or 70s is correct, yes 7 levels, if you competed again last year, then this year is probably the same year, you can win 4 games, Win 4 matches against your opponents. You are on the second tier and you are on the third tier. These are all reliable combinations. In just one week, one week, four to five matches can win four to five of them, and only by playing with Compete against your opponents, and you will get really rich returns. These things add up to four to five years, instead of requiring you to play 20.

Four or five opponents are required to play four or five squad matches when the Hutt champion appears. Please make sure that if you qualify, you won’t sweat it. There you quit five games or quit four games and just want to rank a little bit, but you will get the reward for doing so, and then the simplest thing is passive, it’s very slow to build, and you may have to spend a few It takes weeks to reach the goal until you notice it, but it’s easy to make sure that you personally log in to dang games for me every day, I will tell you what I do when I get up in the morning, I will check my phone’s terrible habits, but I pop up “Xbox” as if you know what I will check out, I will load it right away, and I will collect my information every day. The place you log in every day is the so-called “target”, that is, every day The total number of open logins. When you log in about 250 times or actually 200 times along the way, your total number of logins is 96. Okay, so you go down 200 times, but you will get coins, and you know you will Found in five hundred coins, ranging from one thousand to one hundred twenty-five or one thousand. You only need to log in to each one to get a good choice. You have to log in for 30 days a day, which means how many logs in each day. Minutes later, you can say 200 6k coins or 300 9k coins, and more importantly, the reason you do this is because you not only want to get 9k from it, but if you log in 28 times a month, you enter the monthly reward section, And collect 28 collectibles or October 28th collectibles will provide you with a gold medal collector, we mentioned that these collectibles should reach 50 60k, maybe we will see many more coins Just log in, just log in for 30 seconds a day, easy money can not be beaten. The collection is out of order. Sometimes I think you can sell those bad boys, no, even if you want, you can’t completely lose the deal. Whether you want to place them on the icon or use their upgrade kits throughout the season, please use them all the way, once you get rid of these bad boys, you can always know if there are extra kids around you Get the premium set of the basic set again, but you can exchange these players for the collection of 50 player sets, and so on. I think it’s very important to log in every day because it’s easy to reset every time 23 hours, so if If you log in from 5:6 to 9 AM the next morning, you can log in, because they provide you with an extra hour buffer, so you can always log in every 24 hours, and you must do this. You will see the coin balance slow downy, but it will definitely appear from the things you find in logging into my favorite non-stressing things or my favorite coin-making things. These things are just coins. You don’t have the pressure-free things you know. Putting a lot of effort is like taking a break on the phone. Collecting some coins is easy to do there, but this is minus the trade-in thing.

Now I am not a reinvestment guy, but what I will do is if I have a bunch of jerseys that can’t be traded. These jerseys can’t be put in any suits, so they have used them, have completed the team builder’s suits, and say, hey, you know how we continue to throw the jerseys here, you will It’s a good thing to get a premium package. It’s tradable, and it’s a good thing. You can exchange all these bad boys for untradeable currency, convert it to real currency, or if you don’t want to build a team builder for the team again, You can buy those untradeable products, maybe only 3k premium packages, but in the end, you go from you