22 NHL 22: 9 best tips to get the maximum points in the squad battles

7 min readOct 26, 2021


We are all pursuing the same thing in squad battles on NHL 22-getting rewards and potential recognition by ranking higher than anyone else on the leaderboard. In the NHL 22 squad battle, you compete with the entire community for the top spot, but you are not facing anyone competing with you. This article will share The best guide to get NHL 22 points in the squad battles in NHL 22.

Instead, everyone can play against random AI opponents on a difficulty that they feel comfortable with. This is the exciting part. Players who go all out and continue to win will get more points, and in return, they will get higher rankings and get the best rewards. On the other hand, many greedy points players will burn themselves in top-ranked competitions and rank lower than those who pursue safer and more consistent methods.

Either way, no matter your game plan, here are the best tips for getting more points in the NHL 22 squad battle.

Tip 1: Increase the difficulty of the game and the duration of the period

In the NHL 22 squad battle, the most straightforward and most transparent technique for gaining more points is to increase the game’s difficulty. You will find that the potential difference in effectiveness between the rookie AI team and the superstar team is between 1,000 and 1,800, depending on the time of each period. This is a lot of points.

Now, I’m not saying that you need to fight against all your games with an incredible, unbeatable AI team in some cases. Still, it’s worth calculating the risks of your abilities and solving the difficulties you think can be overcome. By the way, beating a professional team is much better than losing a superstar team.

Another way to increase the points earned at the end of the game is to increase the duration of each period. Playing for 4 minutes will double the points you earn at the end of each game.

This is where it gets tricky. If you are playing against a superstar AI team, it is best to score a few goals and end the game as soon as possible to honor those points and lose the game before the AI ​​decides to overtake you by four goals and let you give up. However, if you are going to fight more straightforward difficulties, it is worthwhile to increase the period to 4 minutes to get as many points as possible.

Note: Every 4 minutes of playing against a professional difficulty team will reward you with almost the same score as your team playing against a superstar within 2 minutes.

To help you better understand how many points you can expect at the end of each game depending on the difficulty and time of each period, please refer to the table below.

Note: The above potential points after each game will vary according to the opponent’s overall score. The example in the table above is based on a level 85 opponent.

Note: The above potential points after each game will vary according to the opponent’s overall score. The example in the table above is based on a level 85 opponent.

Here, it is also worth mentioning that if two players play against all opponents with the same difficulty level and the same length of time, one will score higher than the other player.

This is because all your opponents in a squad battle are entirely random, which means that if player 1 gets a team with a score of 87 and player 2 gets a team with a score of 85, then player one will get 10 or 20 points above. It is conceivable that after more than 30 games, there may be considerable and crucial differences in points and rankings. However, there is nothing you can do about it.

Tip 2: Hit the target with 20 shots and beat every opponent with at least five goals

In addition to playing the game on the most significant difficulty and setting the length of time to four minutes, to truly maximize your points, you need to win the game with at least five goals and have 20 shots.

Now, this is where it gets tricky. If you set the period to only 2 minutes, you may encounter difficulties, either winning with five goals or shooting 20 times in the entire process.

Although it is not difficult to score five goals if you know what you are doing, 20 shots can sometimes be challenging. My best advice is to hit the ball as hard as possible for as many shots as possible and hope that the rebound will allow you to shoot again immediately.

Tip 3: How to beat every opponent in a squad battle on NHL 22 on any difficulty

You will earn points by winning the game. Nothing else matters. If you eventually lose the game, learn and move on. In this section, my goal is to provide you with the best techniques to defeat AI, regardless of their overall situation or how difficult you choose to fight.

When you enter a game, whether it is against a 75-level rookie team or an 87-level superstar team, you must understand two things-goalkeepers are reasonable but also predictable. Artificial intelligence can make a lot of accurate passes very quickly.

So, we need to divide your team into two parts-defense and offense.

Tip 4: Defense Strategy

As I said before, when your opponent attacks, it will distribute the puck very quickly and often let you leave the open space, guess what… the computer will take advantage of this without hesitation. It is possible to score.

So, what you want to do is crash your entire team when you lose the puck. In this way, your whole team will work together to defend against AI and all its efforts to overcome your defenses.

Tip 5: Offensive strategy

To beat the goalkeeper, all you have to do is run on the wing (make sure you have a fast winger), and when you start to drag the goalkeeper to the side of the net, quickly pass the ball to the other winger, then tap The ball hits the net.

Using an AI goalkeeper or trying to shoot some crazy slaps is not always practical. It will waste a lot of time. Now, if you have reached five targets, then a long-range slap will help you hit the target quickly and easily.

Tip 6: The wrong players cost them ranking points

Although the squad game is relatively simple, many players made some critical mistakes, which eventually caused them to lose a lot of ranking points that they could have won.

This is precisely what we will describe in this article. So let’s take a look!

Tip 7: Catch the game

Each team’s battle season is seven days. This means you will have a whole week to challenge all available opponents, including this week’s team.

You will see that most players honed this season within a day or two at the beginning of the season. One is that they make mistakes and eventually lose points due to fatigue, and the other is that they don’t have any competitor data. This will prevent you from determining exactly how much risk you should play to reach the level you are after.

My advice is to relax and, if possible, spread all games throughout the week to get the most excellent chance of success.

Tip 8: Dealing with difficulties that are too risky for your skill level

When you see a battle with a superstar team, you can get more points. It’s almost a breeze to do so compared to just a tiny fraction of points from playing against a rookie or semi-pro team.

This is also where many NHL fan players mess up because they are greedy, so they don’t feel satisfied. As far as crawling is concerned, losing the game is not suitable for you. Therefore, it is best to steadily complete all the game challenges step by step at the difficulty that suits you to get the maximum points at the specified problem.

Tip 9: There is no correct squad battle strategy

When playing against the AI, all the skills you can use on actual players will disappear. When your opponent is a computer, it will make a planned decision at any time without over-exposing or taking too much risk (in some cases, ordinary players will do this).

You need to consider this when setting up game settings. If you have read the entire guide, I will recommend the best locations to fight AI and explain why I adopted this strategy.

Maximizing the points you can earn in squad battles in NHL 22 is easy and very difficult. This is all trial and error. Feel free to implement some of my suggestions and see how you adapt and improve. If this is your first squad battle season, use it as a learning curve because you have nothing to lose, but you can get everything.