Summary of full action skills in NBA 2K23

8 min readNov 19, 2022


There are a lot of action skills in the NBA2K23 game, such as shooting, dribbling, passing, etc. Players interested in basketball should understand the importance of these essentials. Still, considering that many players need more clarity about the operation and Understand, the following is a list of NBA2K23 full-action skills. Players who like to play this game can bookmark our NBABUYMT sites to see more related skill guides. I appreciate your support.

ummary of full action skills in NBA 2K23

Complete action skill list:

1. Operation introduction of the air-connect button:

In NBA2K23, you must press the high lob twice and the shooting button immediately to complete it. It must be fast.

Air-connect critical operation introduction:
1. Press the high lob twice, press the shooting button immediately, and be fast.
2. And if the slam dunk and bounce are not high, it isn’t easy to make an alley-oop, and if the attribute is high, it is easy to succeed.

2. Introduction of passing method:

There are three ways to pass in NBA2K23, namely [A] normal pass, [B] ground pass, and [Y] lob pass.
Passing method introduction:
1. There are 3 pass buttons — [A] normal pass, [B] ground pass, [Y] lob pass.
2. Ground pass information: The ground pass is useful for smaller players. Passing from below is much simpler against big defenders.
3. When to use the ground pass: You can use the ground pass to feed the ball to the penalty area, pass the ball to the wing or slip the baseline to cut the pass.
4. Traversal pass icon: When performing a traverse pass, the icon will appear below the receiver.
5. When to use the lob pass: You can use the lob pass to feed the inside line or use it as a long pass to launch a fast break.
6. Control the server: When serving, press [RB] and then press the server’s action button to control the server.
7. Positioning pass guidance: Use positioning pass to guide teammates to the desired position by pushing the [Left Joystick] combined with passing.
8. Position the ball to the teammate closest to the basket: By pressing [LB], you can position and pass the ball to the teammate closest to the basket.
9. Cancel positioning pass: After calling out the passing icon, you can press [RB] again to make it disappear.
10. No cutter time alley-oop pass: If no teammate cuts or is near the basket, the ball will be passed randomly.
11. Alley-oop pass while serving: You can try an alley-oop pass. Look for players cutting toward the basket.
12. Direct pass to the receiver at the basket: To select a teammate who cuts to the basket, long press [Y] and push and hold the [Left Joystick] towards the player.
13. Player control when passing and cutting: If you do not release [A] to pass the ball back, you will gain control of the ball holder.
14. Ground pass at the end of the game: The clock does not start when the ball rolls on the ground, so the ground pass is very useful at the end of the game.
15. Full Receiver Control: After changing the “Position Pass” setting to “Full Receiver Control” in “Controller Settings,” long press the player icon and use the left joystick to control the receiver.
16. Pass type control setting: After changing the “Positioning pass” setting to “Pass type control” in “Controller Settings,” double-click the player icon to hit the ground to pass the ball and long press to lob the ball.
17. Pass target settings: Adjust the “Pass target settings” in the “Controller settings” to adjust the importance of direction, distance, and openness when selecting the receiver.
18. Hand pass: long press [B] will make the selected receiver cut to the side of the ball holder and release [B] to pass the ball.

3. Introduction to dribbling methods:

In NBA2K23, quickly push and release the [right joystick] to make dribbling movements. Each player has a unique dribbling rhythm and style.
1. Introduction to dribbling: Quickly push and release the [Right Joystick] to make a dribbling action.
2. Adrenaline enhancement: In this game, you can freely deploy 3 enhancements when dribbling and attacking and press [RT] to activate them. After the 3 enhancements are exhausted, your players will have less explosive power during the remaining time of possession.
3. Player style: Each player has a unique dribbling rhythm and style.
4. Use fancy dribble moves: Dribbling in place or moving forward slowly using the signature fancy dribble move is an excellent way to paralyze the defender for a sudden cut to the hoop.
5. Retreat Fancy Dribble: You can perform a fancy dribble while stepping back and take a sudden step after the “dance” is complete to catch the defender off guard.
6. Use angles to attack: Choose a good angle when dribbling and attacking. If you drive directly toward the defender, there is a high chance of an offensive foul or loss of the ball.
7. Fatigue from dribbling: When a player’s stamina is too low, he dribbles too much and may drop the ball.
8. Fancy dribble rhythm: The slow-paced fancy dribble and fast combination moves confuse defenders.
9. Elite Ball Handler Fancy Dribble: Highly rated ball handlers are faster and have faster shots when performing fancy dribbles.
10. Elite Ball Handler Combos: The higher the ball handler’s score, the more combos dribbles are available.
11. Fancy dribble to get rid of: Use fancy dribble to eliminate the defense and create space for shots.
12. Dribble to attack the opponent’s defense line: Dribble to attack the defender head-on, often dropping the ball or making an offensive foul.
13. Physical impact: With the loss of physical strength, the continuous movement of fancy dribbling will become slower, and the ball may drop.
14. Dribbling style: Different dribbling styles have different advantages and disadvantages.
15. Dribbling (Low Stamina): When the stamina bar starts flashing, the player will lose the ability to sprint, cut, and initiate bursts.
16. Dribbling (cold or fatigued): A player with a cold or overtired hand cannot perform certain movements and struggle to control the ball.
17. Dribbling (hot touch): Once the player feels hot, his ball-handling ability will improve, and sometimes new actions will be unlocked.
18. Possession loopholes: Ball handlers are more alert to steal when dribbling.
19. Keep the defenders guessing: To make the defenders guess your intentions, you must make the rhythm of your fancy dribbles unpredictable.
20. Triple threat: When a player has the ball, if he can choose to pass, dribble or shoot, then this is the so-called “triple threat” posture.
21. Three-threat continuous action: When making a tentative step or step, you can use the [Right Stick] to make more actions at will, such as turning, breaking through, half-turning, etc.
22. Triple Threat Posture: Different players have a variety of triple threat follow-up moves.
23. Continuous action: The “three-threat” action that can be connected efficiently can make the defender unable to guess your intention.

4. Introduction to the backhand layup method:

For the NBA2K23 backhand layup, use the keyboard to go to the bottom line on the right and rush in for a layup — Press keyboard 6. Don’t press the keyboard 5. It will make a layup with a bottom-line pull bar. Use the handle for rushing from the bottom line on the right to the basket. Move the joystick to the left, and turn the joystick to the right. Just push and hold.
1. Keyboard and mouse: run to the bottom line on the right and go inward for a layup, press keyboard 6, don’t press keyboard 5. It will make a layup with the bottom line pull bar. This is a backhand layup. If you still can’t, go to the settings to see if there is teaching. Yes, go to the self-made stadium and try it out.
2. Handle: Protrude from the bottom line on the right to the basket, do not press to accelerate. Turn the left joystick to the left, and then turn the joystick to the right, push and hold

5. Introduction of buckle method:

The NBA2K23 dunking method is the right joystick. Press and hold the joystick up and down immediately. A dunk bar will appear. Just let go at the right time.
1. The buckle requires the right joystick
2. Press and hold the joystick up and down, and a dunk bar will appear. Let go at the right time.

6. Introduction of the hanging basket method:

The NBA2K23 hanging basket method uses the new hanging basket dunk posture when running towards the basket, but when the player’s hand touches the basket, please press and hold the sprint trigger button. As long as you hold it down, you can hang indefinitely. You can use the left stick to adjust how much you swing your body and the right stick to pull yourself over the hoop.
1. The mechanism is simple, when running towards the hoop, use one of the new hanging basket dunk positions mentioned above, but when the player’s hand touches the hoop, hold down the sprint trigger.
2. As long as you press and hold, you can hang indefinitely. You can use the left joystick to adjust the degree of swinging your body and use the right joystick to pull yourself to the basket.

7. Introduction to the dunk method:

When an NBA2K23 player presses the sprint trigger and rushes to the basket, up = two-handed dunk, right = strong dunk, left = light dunk, down = hanging basket, up-up = fancy two-handed dunk, down-up = fancy one-handed Dunk, Down-Up = normal skill dunk with shot bar prompt, Down-Down = hanging basket skill dunk with shot bar prompt.

For slam dunks, the shot bar (the prompt that appears when you perform a difficult dunk in a game) returns in NBA 2K22, but the new command allows us to expand the dunk control, allowing you to dunk as you want without surprise. Other dunks.

While holding down the sprint trigger to sprint to the hoop, the new joystick dunk controls work as follows:
●Up = two-handed dunk
●Right = Power Dunk
●Left = light dunk
●Down = Basket
●Up-Up = Fancy Two-Hand Dunk
●DOWN-UP = Fancy one-handed dunk
●Down-Up = normal skill dunk with shot bar prompt
●DOWN-DOWN = Slam basket skill dunk with shot bar prompt

You will find that you can now control the gondola in the new control mode. The makers have taken this control to a new level for next-gen gamers with a physics-based simulation of the basket, allowing you to decide when and how to hang on the hoop.

The mechanics are simple, run to the hoop, use one of the new hanging basket dunk positions mentioned above, but hold down the sprint trigger when the player’s hand touches the rim.

As long as you hold down, you can hang indefinitely, and you can adjust how much you swing your body with the left stick and pull yourself up to the hoop with the right stick. It’s one of the most fun things to do in Basketball City (next-gen only), but watch out for technical fouls if you hang on to an NBA game for too long.