Why Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore vibe and realism game

Recently, we have all got used to expensive games with high-quality graphics and “correct” principles. They are widely advertised everywhere, but we have been spoiled so much with these stereotyped scenarios in recent years that it is already difficult to surprise the average player with something.

With Escape From Tarkov, it’s an entirely different matter. The game does not try to please the player and constantly lovingly encourages him. High stakes give high rewards. It works in a completely different way — it makes you suffer, after which the pleasure of victory only intensifies.

This is not an easy game. The entry threshold is relatively high. You have to study the locations for a long time, understand the mechanic’s work and get used to the character’s behavior. But the more you dive, the more you want to keep going, especially after you get through your first successful raid.

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